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Q-CITY International Young Designer Competition (China·Handan)

On July 9, 2020, the final review meeting of the Q-City International Young Designer Competition (China·Handan) was successfully held in Beijing and Handan. Affected by the epidemic situation, the review meeting was conducted through a combination of online and offline. More than ten well-known scholars, architects, designers and architectural educators from home and abroad were invited as juries for the review session. After several rounds of evaluation, the result was finalized.


Competition among future cities will be dominated by the quality of public spaces. The "Q-City International Design Competition" with the theme of "Quality City" is no longer limited to traditional models and directions. It aims to explore the city public space through new ideas and methods. Designers at home and abroad who are occupied in the field of urban planning, architecture, landscape, art and other directions are welcomed to help the city to reset its image through creative urban micro-space renewal plans.
As an exploration to improve quality of urban public spaces, it is also an exploration in finding innovative and or artistic approaches. Q-City International Young Designer Competition(China · Handan) is mean to collect creative ideas and designs of urban micro-renewal worldwide which is under the theme of “ Quality City guided by new technology”.
The competition places an emphasis on new science, technology and social perspective equally, and start with a future lifestyle, providing a new sample for the creative development of future city through smart design, healthy sports facilities, smart urban furniture, public art or installations, urban lighting and symbolic facilities such as 3D-printing, 5G technology, and Artificial Intelligence and other smart design, in hopes of improving the quality of its citizen’s life and its harmony with nature. The competition is open to designers and artists, teams of teachers and students home and abroad in the fields of planning, architecture, landscape, art and intelligent design. Meanwhile, interdisciplinary professionals or practitioners and representatives of new technology and new energy research institutions are encouraged to participate. Through the collection of creative schemes on urban design, it stimulates the vitality of public space and provides a future development path for the renewal of Handan City.
The competition is based on the real site of Handan, which has both historical and development potential. And it is ready to change the future development foundation of city and the lifestyle of citizens through the "smart revolution" led by new technology and creativity. Therefore, the unique perspective and creative design that unveiled in the work which makes it appealing and extraordinary.


More than 788 students, 286 groups from institutions all over the world participated in the competition. 1 first prize, 4 second prizes, 10 third prizes and 22 honorable mentions were selected. ZIYAD WASSEF ABDELKADER YOUSSEF AHMED from German University in Cairo took the lead. His project is " FLOATANDAN ".


Design Interpretation of First Prize

I.Design Interpretation
The project gives an urban vision and scale to the city. A ring that becomes a nucleus of muscularity for future expansions.
Aiming to restore the relation between people of Handan and the river, acknowledging its value and giving people hope and motivation for a clean and accessible river, a source of life and motion.
Floating the structure makes it resistant to natural disasters, creates a new attraction point that redirects the flows of people in the city, and potentially provide cleaner air.
II.Comment from Jury Chairman
Jury Chairman ZHUANG Weimin speaks highly of the first prize winning project, “The work is not just constrained to design a building for Handan, it also combined with the local tourist activities by using bold cantilevering technology to design a landscape (land) attraction by the lake. Its unique style has a symbolic and iconic meaning, which in turn enhances the city image and improves the quality of urban public space. ”
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Final Review Meeting was Conducted through a Combination of Online and Offline © UED

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First Prize - (1 Teams)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 300,000 RMB (before tax, around 43,000 USD) Each

Second Prize - (4 Teams)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 100,000 RMB (before tax, around 14,000 USD ) Each

Third Prize - (10 Teams)
Honor Certificate + Bonus 30,000 RMB (before tax, around 4,300 USD) Each
Honorable Mentions (22 Teams): Honor Certificate + UED Magazine
The prize-winning works will have the opportunity to be implemented in Handan City, and the final decision will be made by local government.

Q-City International Young Designer Competition(China · Handan) is over now, but other Quality City” themed competitions are also calling for entry. Click our official website and join us to improve the quality of urban space and create more possibilities for the cities.

Basic Information about Handan

Handan City, located in the south of Hebei Province, west of Taihang mountain range, and connected to the North China Plain in the east, is the center of the four provinces of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and the Central Plains Economic Zone, with a total area of 12073.8 square Kilometers and a population of about 10.575 million. Its advantages in location is prominent and it is the regional center of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and is the major central city of economic zone of Central Plains in China. With a history of 3100 years, Handan is a famous historical and cultural city, “the capital of idioms and allusions”, national excellent tourist city in China, and one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. In the new era, it has enormous potential for development.


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